Electric light was first lit in Finland – and in the whole of
Scandinavia for that matter – in industrial surroundings here
in Tampere, at the Finlayson weaving mill in the spring of 1882.
The whole staff and also authorities from the town hall
came to wonder this new invention. In Europe, Edison’s electric light bulb was first lit in Paris, Strasbourg, Milan and London.°
Workers of the mill were afraid that the bright electric light
could be hazardous to their health. They were ready to go
on strike, but soon settled down when all the benefits were

120 years later, in the spring of 2002, a new cluster Finlaysonin Valo ( The Light of Finlayson) of graphic design, advertising and marketing was established in the very heart of the old Finlayson weaving mill, now renovated to office use.
We are anxious to see who will be wondering the new shining light of Finlayson, but one thing is certain: it’s far from unhealthy!°

From the book Tarinoita Tampereelta II, page 136, by Kyllikki Helenius.